Our tools

MaTerRE’s research is at the heart of huge societal challenges.

Given the urgency, we are all the more convinced of the importance of exchanges between science and society. And as a network, we want to play our full role as an interface between individuals, associations, institutions, businesses and academia.

In addition to the dissemination of scientific news of interest via our social networks, a resource bank will be gradually created on this site so that anyone can find reliable and understandable information on research around our themes.

In addition, we are working on various tools to make our searches accessible to as many people as possible via the game or the comic book.

You are a teacher and want to carry out an action in partnership with academic laboratories around the topics of materials for energy, recycling, construction, gas capture?

Are you involved in mediation and looking for support in the academic world?

Organizing an event around the ecological transition?

Are you a MaTerRE researcher and need financial or organizational support to disseminate your research?

Contact us at dim-materre@espci.psl.eu

Our themed board games

The board game

Our board game was entirely imagined by the DIM MaTerRE team with the collaboration of the network’s research teams. Its objective? Introduce to all types of public (general public, scientific community, school groups…) the research in eco-responsible materials of our network, in a fun way.

To play, all the senses are alert! Touch through the discovery of blind objects, the ability to analyze to understand the hidden meaning of an image or video (SEM pictures, finding the differences between two images, experiments videos, etc.) or to understand the usefulness and functioning of unusual eco-responsible objects, practical sense in carrying out scientific experiments (filtering polluted water with activated charcoal, advancing a car with green H2, understand how supercapacitors work…), or dexterity and competitive spirit during challenges.

So many challenges and actions that allow you to learn while having fun!

You are a researcher member of our network and you have objects, images, videos or unusual experiences that we could integrate into our game? Contact us.


You certainly know the principle of the famous Memory game: a deck of cards, consisting of pairs of identical cards, is arranged on a table. The goal? Find identical cards in turn thanks to our memory.

The DIM MaTerRE has developed a Memory game dedicated to its themes: each card presents an image related to the research of the DIM member teams.

The peculiarity of our game? There are two ways to play: you can either play with the classic rules by finding the identical images, or you can spice up the game by finding the “matching” images. Indeed, each image has another image that is related to it in the game, which addresses the same scientific subject: for example, the image of wood corresponds to the image of the wooden house.

This mode of play allows on the one hand to discover the research of our network, and on the other to understand the links between eco-responsible materials and their application in the ecological and energy transition.


A fast paced game, the DIM MaTerRE Dobble is a fun way to discover images, objects and words related to our network’s research, while awakening the competitive spirit in you.

The principle is simple: each card has 8 randomly placed elements (images, objects and words) and each player has the same number of cards in the hands. A card is placed in the middle of the game: Start! As soon as you see an identical item between the card in your hand and the one in the middle of the game, you can drop yours in the middle. The first player with no more cards wins.