Christian Serre is the scientific director of MaTerRE.

The Executive Board is made up of the MaTerRE scientific leaders, who drive the network’s actions and represent it to the partners. It shall meet when the functioning of the network so requires.

Research Director

Steering comittee

The Steering Committee defines the scientific and financial strategy of MaTerRE and manages the calls for projects. It is composed of the members of the Executive Board as well as representatives of the network’s laboratories and industrial partners. A representative of the Ile-de-France Region and MaTerRE Executive Director are also present at the committee meetings, which are held 8 to 10 times a year.

Axes referees

Each MaTerRE thematic axis has one or two referees, members of the steering committee. These referees are the preferred entry point for any scientific question or proposal relating to the thematic animation of the axis concerned (workshops, trainings, seminars etc.).

Research director
Associate professor
Research Director
Researcher, Associate professor
Engineer – Researcher
Associate professor and researcher
Research engineer

Valorization comittee

The Technology transfer Committee is composed of a small group of MaTerRE researchers as well as representatives of the main valorization structures linked to MaTerRE members. Its role is to drive the policy of the network in terms of technology transfer and to steer the calls for dedicated projects.

Research director
Research Director


The coordination team transforms the MaTerRE strategy into actions by implementing the management, communication, events, partnerships and animation of the network.

Executive Director of the DIM MaTerRE
Communication Officer of the DIM MaTerRE
Administrative manager of the DIM MaTerRE

Scientific council

The Scientific Committee ensures the proper functioning of MaTerRE and the transparency of decisions. It evaluates and issues annually its recommendations on the orientations of the network and the coherence of its actions.

It is made up of scientists from outside the Ile-de-France region who are recognized for their expertise in the various research areas of the network.

Panel of experts

For the evaluation of its calls for projects, MaTerRE relies on a large community of scientists outside the Ile-de-France Region known for their expertise in the various disciplines and research areas developed within the network.