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Navier Lab

UMR 8205

Research at Navier Lab is devoted to the mechanics and physics of materials and structures, in geotechnics, and their applications to civil engineering and geomechanics.

The research relates to strategic gas (underground storage); to construction materials (concrete/cement, alternative binders, wood/bio-sourced, earth/clay…) from the fresh mixing (formulation, 3D printing) to the engineering (novel structures), the long-term behavior (durability) and the end of life (recycling, reuse); and the eco-design of structures and construction materials. Our approaches combine experimentation (e.g., X-ray micro-tomography, NMR, 3D printing), and theoretical and numerical modeling (e.g., mechanics, rheology, upscaling methods, granular / atomistic simulations), at a variety of scales ranging from the atomistic scale up to the scale of the engineer.


  • Laurent Brochard
  • Sabine Caré
  • Camille Chateau
  • Xavier Château
  • Philippe Coussot
  • Julie Goyon-Trohay
  • Arthur Lebée
  • Anael Lemaitre
  • Michael Peigney
  • Jean-Michel Pereira
  • Jean-Noël Roux
  • Matthieu Vandamme

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Contact and Rheology of Colloid-Polymer Suspensions