BioFoams Insulate

Biosourced epoxy Foams for thermal and elasto-acoustic Insulation

This project aims to offer biosourced foams with unrivaled acoustic and thermal insulation properties; around the triptych structure-properties-manufacturing. To achieve this objective, we have set up a consortium bringing together experts from different disciplines: a/ polymer chemistry, b/ advanced imaging of microstructures, c/ modeling and simulation of material properties. The project is thus structured around the following steps: (1) synthesis and manufacturing of biosourced epoxy foams; (2) study by X-ray tomography of the cellular morphology of the produced samples; (3) construction of geometric models reproducing the statistical properties of the cellar morphology and subsequent calculation of the associated physical properties. These steps make it possible to build an experimentally validated model, from which a morphological optimization study is carried out in order to produce prototypes of the structures thus identified. This project opens the way to the manufacture of high-performance thermo-acoustic insulators with low environmental impact.

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