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Multi Scale Simulation and Modelisation - UMR 8208

Construction materials

• Modeling cracking in concrete and cementitious materials

• Multiscale modeling of linear, nonlinear and multiphysical phenomena in cementitious materials

• Bio-based materials for construction, thermal and sound insulation

• energy harvesting by thermo-acoustic approach

• Characterization at different scales, modeling of effective properties, optimization of effective properties, machine learning

Energy storage and  harvesting

 •  Energy harvesting by piezoelectric composite dynamic systems

• Li-ion batteries; quantum chemical approaches.

Strategic gases

• Multi-scale modeling by numerical simulation of the dry reforming of methane assisted by microwaves for the production of Hydrogen • Underground hydrogen storage


  • Chadil Amine
  • Leonard Céline
  • Mangaud Etienne
  • Mitrushchenkov Alexander
  • Naili Salah
  • Nguyen Vu-Hieu
  • Perrot Camille
  • Yvonnet Julien

Supported projects :



Upcycling of plastic blends from WEEE by Architecturation through Innovative Polymer processing methods