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Institute of Porous Materials of Paris - UMR 8004

The IMAP is a joint unit created at the end of 2016 between the CNRS, the ENS and the ESPCI within PSL and led by Christian Serre.The activities of the IMAP are focused on the following three main areas of research:

(i) the synthesis and characterization (structural, physicochemical) of new robust and functional crystallized porous hybrid solids (Metal-Organic Frameworks or MOFs) and/or their composites integrating different nano-objects (inorganic, hybrid, organic);

(ii) scaling and shaping in green conditions; (iii) their potential energy applications (heat reallocation, catalysis and fuel production (H2, CH4, CH3OH, etc.), batteries, fuel cells, etc.), the environment (CO2 capture and recovery, capture and detection of organovolatil compounds, etc.) and health (drug delay release, imaging, nano-biodetection, etc.) in collaboration with academic and industrial partners (TotalEnergies, Stellantis, EDF, ITP, Teqoya, SquairTech, etc.)


  • Christian Serre
  • Antoine Tissot
  • Farid Nouar
  • Georges Mouchaham
  • Iurii Dovgaliuk
  • Mathilde Lepoitevin
  • Vanessa Pimenta

Platforms and equipment

  • DRX powder (in situ / PDF) – porometers (gas, vapour, mano/gravimetric) – high-throughput synthesis – 5 and 30 L reactors – granulator – extruders

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Catalyseurs à base de MOF pour une conversion améliorée du CO2 à l’aide de méthodes plasma non thermiques



PFAs elimination of contaminated water using stimuli-responsive well-dispersed polymer-photoactive MOF hybrid nanoparticles.