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Research and Innovation Team in Electrochemistry for Energy

The objective of the ERIEE team is to work on a few themes of high societal interest: the hydrogen industry, CO2 recovery, batteries and supercapacitors. The field of activity goes from the synthesis and characterization of materials (solids, molecular solids) with (photo-)electrochemical properties, to the prototypical development (electrochemical engineering) and the industrial valorization.

Team members

  • Assaud Loïc
  • Millet Pierre
  • Franger Sylvain

Platforms and Equipment

  • SECM coupled AFM microscopy platform
  • Water Cell Platform

Publications of interest

Appl. Cat. B: Environ. 2019, 250, 292-300, doi:10.1016/j.apcatb.2019.03.036

Contact :

Professor, Director of the Institut de l'Énergie Soutenable

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A glovebox system to study the massive electron-storage in polyoxometalate-based anolytes and to designlo HER electrocatalysts (GloBoPOMs)