Hykalin Station

HYdrogen Production in AlKALINe Membrane Water Electrolysis Test Station

Alkaline Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzers (AEMWE) hold promise to combine the high power and flexibility of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) water electrolyzers with the low cost of the mature liquid alkaline electrolysis. Materials for AEMWE technology have recently improved in terms of performance and durability so this technology could constitute a significant breakthrough in the field of advanced water electrolysis. However, since this field has just taken off very recently, only a few commercial stations are available to probe the materials performance in actual AEMWE cells. The objective of the Hykalin Station project is to purchase a fully automatized commercial AEMWE test station. This equipment will allow to evaluate new materials performance in real operating conditions as well as perform durability studies and is expected, by this means, to lead to the development of the AEMWE technology and sustainable H2 production.