Combining chromatographic and high-resolution mass spectrometry methods to characterize new materials and resources or recover waste materials

The aim of this project is to purchase a high-resolution mass spectrometer (HRMS) equipped with a quadrupole (Orbitrap Exploris 120, named Q-Orbitrap) dedicated to small molecules analysis. The characterization of compounds by an untargeted approach thanks to the HRMS will help us to :

  • understand the synthesis and biodegradation processes of a bio-based hydrogel,
  • study the depolymerization in a waste-to-raw-material initiatives involving extracting biopolymers from agricultural waste to highlight potential valuable material,
  • characterize organic and inorganic building blocks in liquid phase either during the crystallization process or over the stability studies for Metal Organic Framework, a crystalline structure able to trap notably CO2.

These first projects can of course be extended to other materials, applications, and partners, as the HRMS instrument can be coupled to a variety of separation methods and can analyze a very wide range of compounds.

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