Accelerated in-situ characterization of advanced materials for energy storage and transport by Raman spectroscopy

Accelerating the discovery of advanced, eco-friendly materials and processes that will help to move towards a sustainable world is at the heart of the DIM MaTerRE objectives. The teams at IMPMC and LPEM laboratories which are involved in the present project conduct research that aim to discover and finely characterize such materials or processes. A specificity of this research is the use of high pressure (typically, 1-100 GPa) and variable temperature (from 5 K to ~3000 K) conditions to synthesize new types of materials, on one hand, and to determine their mechanical and/or electronic properties, on the other hand. To characterize such properties, we use and develop advanced tools such as Raman spectroscopy. The purpose of this project is to build a new Raman spectroscopy platform with state-of-the-art capabilities in terms of spectral imaging, acquisition speed and excitation sources. This will, first, highly accelerate the experimental throughput of our research on various types of materials relevant to the objectives of the DIM MaTerRE, such as gas hydrates of H2 and CO2, titanium oxide based superionic conductors, high-energy density metallic nitrides, and optimized photovoltaic and thermoelectric materials. Second, this will enable to explore new synthesis routes of high-Tc superconducting superhydrides and other advanced materials through static and dynamic compression.

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