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MIneralogy and MAgnetism of low DImensionalities

  1. Thermoelectric materials stand to benefit greatly from specific materials design for optimization of properties. The thermoelectric effect converts a heat gradient to a potential gradient in a sustainable way. A new project of engineering specific defects in these materials using controlled high-pressure rotational deformation at the IMPMC overlaps several teams including MIMABADI and will use a panoply of skills and techniques (Raman spectroscopy, high pressure deformation, physical measurement techniques) to achieve its aim.
  2. Electro-reduction is one of the most promising ways to contrast greenhouse effect while transforming CO2 in other useful carbon based compounds (ethanol, CO, …). Our collaboration with College de France has the objective to understand the chemical composition and the structure at the atomic scale of novel catalytic nano materials for the electro reduction of CO2, for a better control of their synthesis, and improvement important chemical characteristics such as the product selectivity of the electrocatalytic process.
  3. Glass industry is aiming at modulating the optical properties of windows and other transparent media. Our collaborators are developing strategies to graft photomagnetic molecules that could potentially switch between two modes, an opaque one and a transparent one and our characterization tools on synchrotron sources help determine the efficiency of the procedures.


  • Biscaras Johan
  • Juhin, Amélie
  • Sainctavit, Philippe
  • Shukla, Abhay
  • Taverna, Dario

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