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Molecules and Materials Engineering

Thanks to its expertise in solution synthesis, the team is working on the elucidation of the crystal growth mechanisms of granular homo- and/or hetero-nanostructures in order to better control their morphology. It also works on surface modification to prepare mono- or multifunctional nanohybrids. In parallel, on these synthesized, modified or even recycled (from urban mines) nano-objects, the team develops original experimental approaches of shaping in order to exalt their properties without losing their nanostructure (surface polymerization, colloidal chemistry, sintering by Spark Plasma Sintering, 3D/2D printing, sol-gel assisted by deep UV photo-sintering). Once shaped, they are then integrated into advanced devices such as sensors, embedded energy generators, bioimplants, antibacterial drugs, nanoprobes for magnetic and/or optical medical imaging, ultrafine capacitive electroluminescent devices, high density granular magnetic recording media, solid state photoelectrochemical cells, magnetic motors, catalytic printed reactors, magnetic refrigerants, among others.


  • Ammar Souad-Merah
  • Mammeri Fayna
  • Serradji Nawa
  • Ha Duong Thanh
  • Snoussi Youssed
  • Nowak Sophie
  • Challab Nabil

Platforms and equipment

  • VSM magnetometer (100 to 1000K, 0 to 2.5T) involving an impedance analyzer
  • Multimaterial 3D printing park (2 filament printers, 1 stereolithography printer, 1 clay printer, 1 extruder)
  • X-ray diffractometer for powders and thin films (involving strain and SAXS measurements)


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  • Light assisted water splitting, Kang, L. Chaperman, A. Galeckas, S. Ammar, F. Mammeri, T. Norby and A. Chatzitakis. Water vapor photoelectrolysis in a solid-state photoelectrochemical cell with TiO2 nanotubes loaded with CdS and CdSe nanoparticles. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 13 (2021) 46875–46885.
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