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Inogarnic Chemistry

We’re involved in the synthesis of new catalysts allowing for the production /storage of hydrogen. We’re also involved in the synthesis of new catalysts for pharmaceutical companies and fine chemistry with reduced amounts of noble metals and better performances that already existing ones.


  • Ally Aukauloo
  • Zakaria Halime
  • Vincent Huc


  • Solid-​liquid process for extraction of radionuclides from waste solutions” Shilova, Ekatarina; Viel, Pascal; Huc, Vincent; Barre, Yves, From PCT Int. Appl. (2013), WO 2013124831 A2 2013082
  • « Catalyseurs supportés cycliques » C. Martini, I. Abdellah, V. Huc, E. Schulz ; Demande de brevet en France n° FR16/60471 déposée le 27 octobre 2016
  • 𝜼-Carbides (Co, Mo, or W) Nanoparticles from Octacyanometalates Precursors-Based Network, Thomas Blin,* Armelle Girard, Frédéric Fossard, Nathalie Guillou, Laure Catala, Annick Loiseau, and Vincent Huc, Small 2023, 2301299
  • Synthesis and structural properties of high-entropy nanoalloys made by physical and chemical routes, Andrea Barbero, Cora Moreira Da Silva, Nathaly Ortiz Peña, Nour Kefane, Abdallah Jaffar, Maxence Thorey, Hicham Bouaia, Jaysen Nelayah,  Guillaume Wang, Hakim Amara, Christian Ricolleau, Vincent Huc, Damien Alloyeau, Faraday Discuss., 2023,242, 129-143
  • Synthesis, catalytic activity and comparative leaching studies of calix[8]arene-supported Pd-NHC complexes for Suzuki-Miyaura cross-couplings, Sandra Abi Fayssal, Timothée Naret, Julien Buendia, Axel Labattut, Vincent Huc, Cyril Martini, Emmanuelle Schulz ; Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis, Volume364, Issue 5,  Pages 947-957, DOI 10.1002/adsc.202101204

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