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Development of cyclable supercapacitors and batteries without Lithium, Nickel and Cobalt. Study of superionic conductors


  • Leridon Brigitte
  • Federicci Rémi
  • Arnaud Mathilde


  • Sofia de Sousa Coutinho, Rémi Federicci, Stéphane Holé and Brigitte Leridon “Virtual cathode induced in Rb2Ti2O5 solid electrolyte”, Solid State Ionics, Volume 333, 72-75 (2019) https :// 2019.01.012
  • Sofia de Sousa Coutinho, David Bérardan, Guillaume Lang, Rémi Federicci, Paola Giura, Keevin Beneut, Nita Dragoe, Stéphane Holé and Brigitte Leridon, “Effect of water incorporation on the ionic conduction properties of the solid electrolyte material Rb2Ti2O5.(H2O)x”,Solid State Ionics, 364, 115630 (2021) https ://

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