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PHYSIcs of simple systems in eXtreme conditions

The research axes of the team in connection with MaTerRe are:

  • Formation, stability and gas exchange in natural and synthetic methane and hydrogen hydrates
  • Synthesis of new metal hydrides and nitrides under high ammonia pressure for energy and hydrogen storage
  • Study of the strength of steels under high H2 pressure for hydrogen storage – Machine learning and data-driven approaches for numerical studies of materials for energy


  • Bellin Christophe
  • Bove Livia E.
  • Datchi Frédéric
  • France-Lanord Arthur
  • Giura Paola
  • Klotz Stefan
  • Ninet Sandra
  • Pandolfi Silvia
  • Pietrucci Fabio
  • Saitta A. Marco

Supported projects :