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Molecules, Interactions, Materials

The activity of the MIM team gathers transversal and complementary competences ranging from the synthesis of molecular objects (polyoxometalates, thiomolybdates, coordination complexes) or materials (MOFs, nanomaterials, biocomposites, …) to their in-depth study via specific tools of structural analysis, electrochemistry or NMR spectroscopy. The applications of these molecules and materials in relation to the topics linked to MaTerRe concern among others the capture of CO2, the photocatalytic reduction of CO2, the production of dihydrogen by electro or photocatalysis and the storage of solar energy.


  • Anne Dolbecq
  • Emmanuel Cadot
  • Eddy Dumas
  • Clément Falaise
  • Mohamed Haouas
  • Pierre Mialane
  • Nathalie Steunou

Platforms and equipment


Supported projects :


A glovebox system to study the massive electron-storage in polyoxometalate-based anolytes and to designlo HER electrocatalysts (GloBoPOMs)