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Chemistry and Macromolecular Design

Our research activities focus on three main areas: i) dynamic networks, including vitrimers; ii) structured materials; iii) solvent-free chemistry, including reactive shaping. Our approach is based on understanding and mastering the chemistry of these systems, including polymerization reactions (radicals), chemical modification of polymers, dynamics of exchange reactions (vitrimers), compatibility of interfaces (alloys, structured materials and composites), and weak interactions contributing to the structuring of systems (supramolecular assemblies, structured materials and colloids). We therefore rely on chemistry (molecular, supramolecular and macromolecular) to design materials and formulations with new and/or improved properties, as well as to develop new synthesis methodologies. Recycling plastics without sorting by reactive shaping is a perfect example of our activities, located at the intersection of our different research themes.

  1. Extruder for heating polymers at high temperature to melt them
  2. Polymer tensioning device to test their properties by pulling them


  • Renaud Nicolaÿ
  • Corine Soulié-Zlakovic
  • Nathan Van Zee

Platforms and equipment

  • IR spectrometers,
    NMR (400 and 80 MHz)
  • Circular Dichroism
  • Steric exclusion chromatography



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