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Complex interfaces and instrumentation

Our research activities are based on two main axes: the first one deals with the production of hydrogen by electrolysis of water via the synthesis and the study of the reactivity of new nanomaterials. Particular attention is paid to the study of reaction kinetics and their modeling, especially taking into account the 3D porous geometry of electrodes. This research axis is relatively new in our group. The second axis concerns proton batteries, a field on which we have been working for several years to understand the reactivity and aging of nickel-metal hydride batteries, but also to develop this technology by tuning the electrolyte composition in order to broaden the range of materials that can be used for these storage systems. One of the strong points of our research activity is that it relies on our know-how in instrumentation which allows us to develop in situ or operando measurement tools adapted to our study objectives.


  • Gharbi Oumaïma
  • Losinho Vincent
  • Miche Antoine
  • Ngo Kieu
  • Turmine Mireille
  • Schnee Josefine
  • Vivier Vincent

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