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PHysico-Chemistry of Electrolytes and Interfacial Nano-Systems - UMR 8234

  • Recycling: understanding of the mechanisms at work in processes using molten salts and ionic liquids
  • Electrochemical storage of energy : design of electrode materials, reasoned design of electrolytes, simulation of dynamic processes in bulk and at interfaces
  • Multifunctional nanoparticles: magnetic nanoparticles synthesis in standard and microfluidics route
  • Materials for thermoelectricity: formulation of magnetic colloidal dispersions and characterization of their physico-chemical properties
  • Hierarchical porous media: characterization of the multi-scale structure of the material and decryption of the dynamics of solvents and solutes at the different characteristic scales (ns-s)
  • Methodological development in numerical simulations at different scales – Advanced characterization techniques: coupling scattering techniques/imaging, NMR relaxometry


  • Tea, Lingsam
  • Rollet, Anne-Laure
  • Malikova, Natalie
  • Michot, Laurent
  • Gaillon, Laurent
  • Sirieix Plénet, Juliette
  • Dambournet, Damien
  • Salanne, Mathieu
  • Rotenberg, Benjamin
  • Dahirel, Vincent
  • Peyre, Véronique
  • Dubois, Emmanuelle
  • Mériguet, Guillaume
  • Serva, Alessandra
  • Semino, Rocio
  • Jeanmairet, Guillaume
  • Porras Gutiérrez, Ana Gabriela
  • Rizzi, Cécile
  • Fresnais, Jérôme
  • Levitz, Pierre
  • Illien, Pierre
  • Jardat, Marie
  • Marbach, Sophie
  • Neveu, Sophie

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