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Synthesis, Properties and Modeling of Materials

The Functional Materials group of the team “Synthesis, Properties and Modeling of Materials” of ICMMO is interested in materials of the oxides, chalcogenides, oxychalcogenides, pnictides and oxypnictides families, which can present interesting physical properties for various applications (thermoelectricity, superconductivity, ballistic thermal conduction, dielectric properties, ferroelectric properties, ionic conduction, catalysis…). Our activities range from the elaboration of materials, in monocrystalline polycrystalline or thin film form, to the study of their physical properties in relation with their crystalline or magnetic structures. We also develop characterization tools related to the studied properties.

The research axes developed in the group in connection with the objectives of MaTerRe concern in particular:

  • The study and the development of high entropy oxides, for which our group is among the pioneers worldwide. These materials are particularly promising for applications in the field of energy storage (batteries, supercapacitors) or energy conversion (thermoelectric and magnetocaloric properties), as well as for their potential for photocatalysis.
  • The study and the optimization of new thermoelectric compounds.


  • Berardan David
  • Moll Adrien
  • Dragoe Nita
  • Decorse Claudia
  • Nathalie Prud’homme

Platforms and equipment

  • Powder X-ray Diffractionas a function of temperature (10K to 1000°C) or under pressure.
  • Experimental platform for physical properties measurements (electrical, thermal) as a function of temperature under controlled atmosphere

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