Innovative composite photocatalysts, based on conjugated polymer nanostructure coupled with titanium or zinc oxide and MOFs, doped with non-noble metals in solution under pressure for photocatalytic green Hydrogen production

The use of an energy vector like hydrogen seems an ideal solution to circumvent the intermittency of renewable energies. It enables massive storage of energy over a long period of time, is suitable for a wide range of uses (mobility, heat, processes) and its carbon impact is very interesting depending on its production.
This source of energy therefore appears to be a good alternative to the fossil fuels on which we are very dependent. However, 96% of hydrogen are currently produced by steam reforming of natural gas leading to significant emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2)! Progress in terms of green production is therefore necessary before being able to use this energy source efficiently and realistically.
Considering this challenge, this interdisciplinary project which brings together one team of the Institute of Physical Chemistry (ICP) CNRS-Paris-Saclay University (Orsay) and one team of the Polytechnic Institute of Paris (ENSTA IP Paris) aims to propose an innovative solution for the production of green hydrogen.
Photocatalysis is very promising way to produce hydrogen from water using solar light. New photocatalytic materials such as composite photocatalysts based on Conjugated Polymer Nanostructures (NPC) coupled with inorganic semiconductors (such as TiO2 and ZnO) and Metal Organic Framework materials (MOFs) will be developed. The composites obtained will be modified with cocatalysts formed by metal nanoparticles (without noble metals) induced by radiolysis, impregnation in solution (under atmospheric pressure or under pressure). These composite nanomaterials will be characterized by different techniques and for structural characterization X Ray Diffraction (XRD) is required. A X-Ray diffractometer is then needed and a financial contribution from the DIM MaTeRE is asked to acquire one.

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