Ô Mon labo

The objective of this project is to discover the daily life of the research profession by following the evolution of a current research project. Thus, we want to encourage and encourage scientific careers. More broadly, the goal is also to give keys to the general public to better understand the world of scientific research, which is both very present in the media world but rather obscure for those who do not work there. The target is therefore high school and vocational guidance students as well as teenagers and adults curious about science. The research project presented is led by Mathilde Laurent-Brocq of ICMPE and Lola Lilensten of IRCP, who are also the initiators of the communication project.  The scientific project focuses on a new process for recycling metal alloys. DIM MaTerRe supports the research and communication aspects of the project. The communication medium that was chosen is an Instagram account. The posts feed 4 thematic categories: lab life, science, environment and orientation.

Open the Instagram account here.