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Laboratory of Chemistry of Biological Processes - UMR 8229

At LCPB, our research in the field of catalysis for energy storage is handled by multiple approaches in synthetic chemistry, electrochemistry and photochemistry, which combine bioinspired molecular chemistry, artificial enzymology, solid-state chemistry and hybrid chemistry (which associates molecular components with organic-inorganic solids). New catalysts are thus developed both for the oxidation of water (catalysts for the anode of electrolysers), the reduction of protons into hydrogen and of carbon dioxide into organic compounds of economic interest (catalysts for the cathode of electrolysers), in particular hydrocarbons such as ethylene or alcohols such as ethanol.


  • Marc Fontecave
  • Caroline Mellot-Draznieks
  • Maria Gomez-Mingot
  • Ngoc-Huan Tran
  • Yun Xu-Li
  • Bruno Faivre


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Research Director, Deputy Director of the LCPB

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