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Photovoltaics theme

Areas of expertise – Research areas

GeePs has more than forty years of experience in the field of photovoltaics (PV). Through the Materials and PV theme, it specializes in advanced characterization: electrical and optoelectronic characterization of devices, characterization of materials by Raman microscopes, electron, and atomic resolution techniques by atomic force microscopy (AFM), physico-chemical characterization by electronic spectroscopies (XPS, UPS), characterization by luminescence techniques in constant, modulated or transient mode, admittance spectroscopy and DLTS.
In parallel with these numerous characterization benches, he develops numerical and analytical modeling tools. It relies on characterization to allow its analysis and improve the understanding of materials, devices, and photovoltaic systems.

Current themes

  • Silicon and its devices Heterojunction (HET) and its interface a-Si:H/c-Si, Homojunction (HJ) with a poly-Si/SiOx/c-Si interface
  • New thin film materials: new absorbers, including perovskites, organic semiconductors, Zn-IV-N2 alloys without indium/gallium
  • Multi-purpose structures: tandem two terminals and four terminals, and innovative three-terminal tandem structures (GeePs 2018 patent); large-gap cells for III-V, perovskites, organic, and CIGS material multi-purpose.
  • Electrically active defects
  • PV systems: characterization of operando modules in real conditions with characterization of these (SIRTA platform) as well as integration of photovoltaics in the network ( «smart-grids»).


  • Jean-Paul Kleider
  • James Connolly
  • José Alvarez