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Micro & Nano Characterisation Group

Areas of expertise

Opto-electronic devices for energy recovery (photovoltaic, thermoelectric, nanotechnology-related); Nano or/and hybrid (organic/inorganic) materials for photovoltaics; Materials for sensor design Nano characterization by fluorescence microscopy and near-field microscopy

Current themes

  • Photovoltaic cells based on materials treated in solution (hybrid perovskites, colloidal inorganic nanocrystals); Understanding of the mechanisms of their instabilities and methods to improve them; Study of the interfaces of devices based on these materials.
  • Application of plasmonic nanoparticlules for optoelectronic devices (photovoltaic and photodetection).
  • Characterizations of the local physical properties of devices based on the optoelectronic devices mentioned above.


  • Zhuoying Chen
  • Lionel Aigouy
  • Laurent Billot
  • Alexandre Zimmers

Platforms and equipments