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Advanced Electron Microscopy and Nano-Structures

The Advanced Electron Microscopy and NanoStructures group (MeANS) conducts high-level researches on the synthesis, thermodynamic properties and atomic scale characterization of innovative nanomaterials for both catalytic and biomedical applications. The main goals of the team are to understand the growth mechanisms of nanostructures fabricated by both physical and chemical routes, to establish the link between their atomic structure and their physico-chemical properties and to reveal their behavior in their application media. To achieve these objectives the group develops bottom-up synthesis routes and in situ transmission electron microscopy (TEM) techniques to study the growth, transformation or degradation processes of nanomaterials at the atomic scale in near realistic conditions. The unique expertise of the MEANS group in liquid and gas phase TEM is at the center of many international and national collaborative projects and the state-of-the-art equipment of the advanced microscopy platform of Université Paris Cité (including the Super TEM) are accessible to an interdisciplinary scientific community through the French network for electron microscopy and atom probe (METSA) created and funded by the CNRS and the CEA.


  • Nelayah, Jaysen
  • Alloyeau, Damien
  • Ricolleau, Christian

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