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O.R.1 - Synthesis

The Inorganic Materials & Nanostructures (MINOS) axis brings together researchers and research teachers working on the development and/or characterization of functional materials and their integration into devices. In addition to the study of physico-chemical and functional properties, an integral part of the work involves obtaining satisfactory properties to ensure that the material functions efficiently and sustainably. The compounds produced include metallic oxides (pure, doped or composite). The synthesis techniques and production processes used are varied. They include new ways of synthesis by soft chemistry, plasma chemistry or laser irradiation. The research themes and fields of application explored with regard to the functional properties of the materials studied are those of catalysis, plasma-catalysis (biomass recovery and methane reforming), photo-catalysis (depollution of gases and waters), pyrolysis (recovery of biomass), photonics (refractor micro-optics, ionizing radiation resistant optics), biomedicine (bactericidal and biocompatible structures. The main focus of the research is on the control of design processes and, in particular, the influence of nanoscale morphology on functional properties.


  • NIKRAVECH Mehrdad
  • TRAORE Mamadou,
  • HADAD Oriana
  • PERROT Hubert

Platforms et equipment

  • Low pressure HF plasma metal oxide development unit.
  • Micro-mix metal oxide production units T.
  • Scanning electron microscope.
  • Scanning electron microscope.
  • RAMAN analysis units,
  • X-ray diffractometers.
  • Impedancemeter , electrochemical cycler.


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