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Synthesis, Electrochemistry, Imaging and Analytical Sciences for Diagnostics

The SEISAD Team develops researchs aimed at elaborating chemical technologies for environmental and health sciences, and in particular chemical and analytical methodologies for (i) environmental analysis (detection or depletion/recycling of emerging pollutants), (ii) recycling raw and waste materials  (rare/strategic or precious metallic elements, electronic wastes …).

Here are some reserach projects :

  • Development of instrumental and methodological tools for separation  of submicro – and nanoplastics in water : from their physico-chemical characterization, the study of their interaction in the environment and their toxicity to their removal
  • Development of miniaturized methodologies for the analysis and recycling of strategic or polluting elements and molecules
  • Development of new methodologies for carbene X-H (X = C, O, N, S) insertion in flow under catalytic conditions integrating catalyst recycling


  • Varenne Anne
  • d’Orlyé Fanny
  • Trapiella-Alfonso Laura
  • Griveau Sophie
  • Cyrine Slim
  • Bedioui Fethi
  • Lescot Camille


  • De CASTRO COSTA, S. GRIVEAU, F. BEDIOUI, F. D’ORLYÉ, JA FRACASSI da SILVA, A. VARENNE. Stereolithography based 3D-printed microfluidic device with integrated electrochemical detection. Electrochimica Acta (2022), 407, 139888 (DOI 10.1016/j.electacta.2022.139888)
  • GOUYON, F. D’ORLYE, J. ZIMMERMAN, S. GRIVEAU, F. BEDIOUI, A. VARENNE. Speciation and quantitation of precious metals in model acidic leach liquors, theoretical and practical aspects of recycling, Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 412(19), (2020) 4595-4608.
  • GOUYON, F. D’ORLYE, C. SIMON, S. GRIVEAU, C. SELLA, L. THOUIN, F. BEDIOUI, A. VARENNE. Reversible microfluidics device for precious metal electrodeposition and depletion yield studies, Electrochimica acta, 352 (2020) 136474.
  • GOUYON , S. GRIVEAU, F. d’ORLYÉ , A. VARENNE &F. BEDIOUI. Characterization of home-made graphite/PDMS microband electrodes for amperometric detection in an original reusable glass-NOA®-PDMS electrophoretic device. Electrochimica Acta 329 (2020) 135164.
  • VARENNE. Cooperation increases between analytical sciences and recycling. Tracs, Trends in Analytical Chemistry (2013) 48, 22-29. Htpps://
  • Aptamer entrapment in microfluidic channel using one-step sol-gel process, in view of the integration of a new selective extraction phase for lab-on-a-chip. Electrophoresis, doi: 10.1002/elps.201600575

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