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Group of physical systems out of equilibrium, hydrodynamics, energy, and complexity

  • Low-grade waste heat recovery using multifunctional thermo-electro-(and optically absorbing) fluids based on CRM-free materials.
  • The pulsating heat pipe (PHP) is a passive thermal link of very simple structure allowing to attain a very low thermal resistance for distances ~ 1m and transport very large thermal fluxes, which can be useful for transporting the thermal energy from hot spots to dissipate it or recover. We are developing an experimental installation and the Advanced Code for PHP Simulation (CASCO) allowing its design for industrial needs.
  • Theoretical, numerical, and experimental research on microtruss-based metamaterials/microtrellis of random architecture, toward the design and eco-fabrication of a new class of structural materials that are both ultralight and resistant to fracture and deformation


  • Bonamy, Daniel
  • Nakamae, Sawako
  • Nikolayev, Vadim
  • Roundtree, Cindy
  • Chomat, Laure
  • Bercegol, Hervé
  • Aumaitre, Sébastien

Platforms and equipment

  • DMA – Under construction
  • AFM
  • Thermoelectrochemical characterization station


  • Nikolayev, V. S. Physical principles and state-of-the-art of modeling of the pulsating heat pipe: A review, Appl. Therm. Eng., 2021 vol. 195, 117111.
  • Sani, M. R. Martina, T. J. Salez, S. Nakamae, E. Dubois, V. Peyre “Multifunctional Magnetic Nanocolloids for Hybrid Solar-Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting,” Nanomaterials, 11(4), 1031; [2021].

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