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Catalysis: Methods and Mechanisms

Our team is dedicated to the development of environmentally friendly synthetic methods, with a particular focus on the valorization of bio-sourced molecules. Among the various strategies we explore, we place a special emphasis on electrosynthesis, a technique facilitated by the application of current or voltage between two electrodes immersed in a reaction medium, aiming to induce efficient and sustainable redox processes.

In comparison to a conventional chemical reaction, electrosynthesis requires the control of a greater number of reaction parameters, such as the nature of the electrodes, supporting electrolytes, applied intensity or potential, etc. The optimization of such transformations thus proves to be significantly more complex. To overcome this challenge, in collaboration with Professor Rodolphe Vuillemier‘s team (PASTEUR Laboratory, UMR8640), we are working to develop a multidisciplinary approach in which optimization phases will be facilitated and accelerated by the use of artificial intelligence, specifically through Machine Learning.

Platforms and equipment

  • High Pressure Liquid Chromatography coupled with mass spectroscopy detection (HPLC-MS)


  • Maxime Vitale
  • Laurence Grimaud

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