Methodological axes

Afin d’accélérer le développement de ces nouveaux matériaux et dispositifs, 5 axes méthodologiques transverses viennent renforcer les axes thématiques:

High throughput synthesis and characterization

Microfluidics or high-throughput synthesis is a technique for automating experiments, increasing their throughput and performing chemical reaction combinatorics, while maintaining excellent control and reducing costs. It must make it possible to move towards scientific breaks by generating large quantities of data and thus supplying the most accurate and complete models […]

Intensive numerical techniques

Today, digital technology is an essential part of materials research – and research in general. It provides a better understanding of the phenomena and properties of materials related to their structure while reducing the costs of designing new materials, thanks to high-throughput calculation for example.  Developing intensive numerical methods to […]

Architecture engineering of materials at different scales

In order to optimize the performance and functionality of materials, the study of the architecture of materials on several scales is essential. From the molecular scale to the scale of the object, the design and multi-scale study of materials is a promising field, but which now encounters an obstacle: to […]

Advanced characterization techniques

Many advanced characterization platforms already exist in Île-de-France. One of MaTerRE’s challenges is to participate in the optimization, improvement and development of techniques for advanced characterization or coupling techniques, in order to optimize speed and spatial resolution. This will include accelerating the study of solids at different scales, understanding the […]

Economic study of the ecological transition

The ecological transition is not just a technical challenge. It implies changing our production and consumption patterns and this requires societal, political and economic changes. Current production models generally involve extracting, processing, exporting and discarding resources. However, these models can no longer be sustained: resources are not unlimited. It is […]
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