Breakfast around scientific mediation: registration open!

Event Information

Date :From March 6th to July 5th 2024
Place :Césure, 13 Rue Santeuil, 75005 Paris
Registration :Ici

MaTerRE partners with the DIM QuanTiP and BioConvS to offer you a series of MasterClass in communication and scientific mediation!

A first friendly and interactive meeting around communication techniques and scientific mediation is scheduled for March 6.

Open to everyone, from PhD students to senior researchers in MaTerRE laboratories, this training cycle will allow you to address various themes and exchange on your practices (or non practices) at a rate of one breakfast per month from 9 am to 10:30 am:

  • 6 March – General introduction to communication and scientific mediation

How to avoid jargon traps? How to capture attention? How to make a lasting impact? 

  • 3 April – Critical thinking and argumentative biases

What is my role as a research professional in identifying argumentative biases? Can scientific education sharpen one’s critical thinking?

  • 14 May – Experimental mediation/ Experience

What is behind experience? What are the differences between experiences and manipulations?

  • June 11 – Science and Social Media

For which objectives and audiences are they, each, the most suitable? Which network is the most relevant to use according to what needs?

  • July 5 – Thinking and writing an outreach project

Which outreach and dissemination component for which funding mechanism? What are the right actions that will make a difference at equal scientific quality and lead to a winning project?

The courses are coordinated by the association Traces, a seasoned player in scientific mediation.

Registration is open for one or more sessions by writing to Attention, places are limited (a second session may be opened if you are many).

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