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Double•Science Festival

Come meet the researchers of DIM MaTerRE and play our thematic board games on Saturday, June 8th at the Double•Science Festival! Double•Science is a free & interdisciplinary [...]

June 8th and 9th 2024


Printing high-energy capacitors is the key to achieving high integration and further miniaturization of printed electronics. Today, most of the inks are formulated by randomly mixing dielectric [...]


Solar-assisted CO2 conversion to fuels is a pragmatic solution for the energy transition and low-carbon development. A key drawback for further development is the very low solubility [...]


Given the intensifying environmental pollution and the energy crisis associated with the combustion of fossil fuels, there is an urgent need to establish a low-carbon society relying [...]


The circular economy has become an important issue for our society. In particular, solutions are needed to manage plastic waste with efficient methods. In recent years, reductive [...]


This project seeks to integrate thermal metal-ligand cooperative dehydrogenation catalysts into hybrid materials for the conversion of renewable alcohols into value-added products in low-voltage H2- electrolyzers. Electrifying [...]


Plastics waste from WEEE are increasing drastically and recycling is one of the best outcome possible for them. However the purity of those polymers is limiting its [...]


Suspensions are common materials found in diverse applications from cosmetics (toothpaste), food products (coffee), to construction materials (cement) or even geophysical fluids (sludge). They are known to [...]


Microsupercapacitors are miniaturized energy storage devices crucial for the development of autonomous portable electronic apparatus. However, they still need to be improved to meet commercial use. The [...]