Room Temperature Reduction of Nitrogen Oxide on Iron Metal–Organic Frameworks

Publication date : 20 May 2024
Authors : Marco Daturi, Vanessa Blasin-Aubé, Ji Wong Yoon, Philippe Bazin, Alexandre Vimont, Jong-San Chang, Young Kyu Hwang, You-Kyong Seo, Seunghun Jang, Hyunju Chang, Stefan Wuttke, Patricia Horcajada, Masaaki Haneda, Christian Serre
Published by : Advanced Materials

Nitrogen oxides represent one of the main threats for the environment. Despite decades of intensive research efforts, a sustainable solution for NOx removal under environmental conditions is still undefined. Using theoretical modelling, material design, state-of-the-art investigation methods and mimicking enzymes, it is found that selected porous hybrid iron(II/III) based MOF material are able to decompose NOx, at room temperature, in the presence of water and oxygen, into N2 and O2 and without reducing agents. This paves the way to the development of new highly sustainable heterogeneous catalysts to improve air quality.

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