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Thesis offer – LCMCP

LCMCP is looking for a PhD student in materials chemistry and physics to work on the project “Toward polaritonic (electro) catalytic materials: exploring the production of H2 [...]

Thesis offer – PIMM

Cyrille Sollogoub, member of the DIM steering committee, and Sébastien Roland, leader of the CoMiX project funded by MaTerRE, are looking for a physicist or physico-chemist candidate [...]

Thesis offer – IMAP

IMAP is looking for a PhD student in materials chemistry to carry out the thesis “Structural analysis of stimuli responsive MOFs”, which aims to better understand the [...]

CIFRE Thesis – IMAP / Tronox

The Tronox company, specialised in air depollution by TiO2 materials, called “Ultrafine”, is looking for a person to do a CIFRE thesis. Within the IMAP, the candidate [...]

Research Engineer – Stathmos

The start-up Stathmos, specialised in Direct Air Capture (DAC), is looking for a research engineer (post-doctoral) in porous materials chemistry, in order to develop innovative and strategic [...]

R&D Engineer – SquairTech

The start-up SquairTech is looking for an R&D engineer to work on the performance of materials and filters for air pollution control. Profile sought: PhD in physico-chemistry [...]

Research Engineer – IFPEN

The IFP Énergies Nouvelles is looking for an research engineer in thermodynamics and molecular modelling for energy transition. The thematic areas of intervention will focus on the [...]

Third CNC Academy-Industry Meetings

The National Chemistry Committee (CNC), is organising on December 7, 2023, the third Academy-Industry Meetings on the theme of “Hydrogen as an energy carrier and chemical reactive”. [...]

December 7, 2023 from 9am to 6pm

Air Liquide Job Offers

The French industrial group Air Liquide, member of the MaTerRE network, is looking for two R&D engineers within the Process & Combustion Engineering division, in the company’s [...]

Thesis Offer – IMAP

The IMAP, member of MaTerRE, is looking for a PhD student to do a thesis on the design of new porous solid composites for CO2 capture. The [...]

Technology Transfer

Submit your technology transfert project all year round! The call for proposals Technology Transfer on the run of the DIM MaTerRE is intended for any project with [...]

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A glovebox system to study the massive electron-storage in polyoxometalate-based anolytes and to designlo HER electrocatalysts (GloBoPOMs)


Innovative composite photocatalysts, based on conjugated polymer nanostructure coupled with titanium or zinc oxide and MOFs, doped with non-noble metals in solution under pressure for photocatalytic green Hydrogen production



Catalyseurs à base de MOF pour une conversion améliorée du CO2 à l’aide de méthodes plasma non thermiques