Thesis Offer – IMAP

The IMAP, member of MaTerRE, is looking for a PhD student to do a thesis on the design of new porous solid composites for CO2 capture.

The work of the PhD student will contribute to the researches of the national strategic project PEPR SPLEEN.

The PhD candidate will be in charge of:

  • selecting appropriate candidates (mainly MOFs) for the CO2 capture;
  • synthesizing the selected MOFs and their related composites (e.g., with activated carbon, graphene oxide, etc.);
  • characterizing the obtained solids (i.e., X-ray diffraction, porosimetry, microscopy, CO2 and H2O sorption, electrical conductivity, etc.);
  • analysing the different results obtained by the different partners in order to identify the most promising materials to be further produced at larger scale for the next steps.

The candidates should be highly motivated and willing to work in an international environment. An experience in the synthesis and characterization (X-Ray diffraction, TGA, FTIR, etc.) of crystalline solids is highly recommended. Knowledge on hybrid porous materials as well as their sorption properties would be a plus. A very good English level (oral, written) as well as strong communication skills are required.

To apply, please send a detailed CV and a cover letter to the contacts below.

More information

Job information

Place :IMAP, Chemistry departement of the ENS Ulm, 24 rue Lhomond, 75005 Paris
Type of Contract:Doctoral contract
Duration:3 years
Category :A
Remuneration :-
Closing of applications : -
Desired start date : October 1st, 2023

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