Material footprint: challenges and solutions – Applications until May 24th

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Date :From November 18th to 21st 2024
Place :CNAM, 2 rue Conté, 75003 Paris, France
Registration :Here

DIM MaTerRE supports the 2024 edition of the annual days of the SF2M during which a court of future generations open to all will be organised. Applications for an oral presentation or a poster are open until May 24th.

The production of materials is responsible for more than 20% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, to which must be added the environmental costs associated with their extraction. They are nevertheless essential to provide a livable and pleasant environment in the world of tomorrow. So materials are both part of the problem and part of the solution in a desirable world in wich global warming is limited to 1.5° C. 

Recycling, when possible, drastically reduces the environmental impact of materials compared to primary production, but controlling the composition and therefore quality remains a challenge. The improvement of the properties allows the lightening of the structures, the increase of the service life but often relies on complex materials, difficult to recycle. The concerted improvement of recycling and material design but also the optimisation of the production chain of parts «from cradle to grave» and the reasoned use of materials are therefore major issues. 

The SF2M 2024 annual days will focus on the environmental impact of materials and will be organized around 4 main themes: 

  • Circular economy, secondary raw materials and materials recycling
  • Innovation and optimisation of production and repair processes
  • Improved properties for more durability
  • Building materials for a sustainable city.

The oral papers will be divided into these 4 themes while the posters will be able to address research in materials science more broadly. 

The SF2M 2024 Medals and Awards will be presented as part of these days.

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